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Surviving is important.  Thriving is elegant.

Maya Angelou

Enedina A Robles, LCSW, PMH-C

Perinatal Mental Health - Certification


Eye movement desensitization and 

reprocessing (EMDR) certified 

Some Words About Me

For some women the period after having a baby is the only time in your life where you will feel so alone, yet you won't be physically because you have a newborn baby right in front of you.  

I've been in this lonely place before too. The emotional toll that pregnancy and that first year after having a baby (perinatal period) take on you, is draining and lonely; especially at 3 AM when your anxiety kicks in and you're up alone when everyone, including your baby (if you're having good night), is sleeping.  While it's not normal, the emotional effect of the perinatal period is very common and referred to as Perinatal Mood Disorders- which includes depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, and other cluster of behaviors and symptoms.  I want you to know that it's not normal, because I don't want you to stay stuck in that emotional place that you're in and miss this amazing opportunity with your little one and loved ones.  But I also need you to know that it's common because I don't want you to feel alone while you wait to call me.  

As a Perinatal Mental Health Certified therapist, I help pregnant and postpartum women reduce their symptoms of depression and anxiety, thereby allowing them to get back to finding joy in this stage of life. I firmly believe that every woman deserves to enjoy pregnancy and parenthood.

You are not alone.  You are not to blame.  You are a wonderful mother, partner, and woman.  We can and we will get thru this.    


My Office  

It is my goal to provide you with a sacred environment that will allow you a safe place for growth and healing.  Babies in arms are welcomed. 

my office is located in the three oaks wellness suite within the santa maria building. the building is conveniently located between freeway 41 and 168, at the cross streets of herndon and 1st avenues. i am one block from public transportation and there is able parking in the plaza.  


I also offer virtual therapy services using Simple Practice tele-therapy because sometimes you just can't find the time to leave your home or office to practice self care in the form of a therapy session.  And well, because we are still in a pandemic and need to remain safe. 

Call me to schedule your first appointment.  my office is open tuesdays - thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm and some saturdays of the month.


Three Oaks Wellness Collaborative 

575 east locust ave, ste 101 

Fresno, Ca 93720 


"Sometimes you have to let go of the picture 

of what you thought life would be like

and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living." 

-Rachel Marie Martin

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